Comm Eye Health Vol. 15 No. 42 2002 pp 27. Published online 01 June 2002.

Cataract surgery

Michael Blumenthal MD

Professor & Director, Ein Tal Eye Center, 17 Brandeis Street, Tel Aviv 62001, Israel

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Dear Editor

I read J Fumpa’s letter in the Journal (J Comm Eye Health; 2001; 14: 15). His concern is fully understood by those who have lived in such circumstances in the past.

Between ICCE and ECCE (phaco is also ECCE), there exists another system which is suitable to any part of the world and any economic situation. I developed the mini-nuc technique. With a very small number of instruments one can achieve safe and very high standard cataract surgery, with or without an IOL. If a YAG instrument is not available, after implanting the IOL one can perform posterior capsulotomy under the IOL, thus avoiding the necessity of future YAG treatment. As it would be performed under the IOL, the IOL would prevent vitreous prolapse to the anterior chamber.

There are the means to perform perfect cataract surgery around the globe – safely, no viscoelastic material, no sutures, very cost effective. The only thing to be done is to learn how to do it!


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