Comm Eye Health Vol. 13 No. 33 2000 pp 13. Published online 01 March 2000.

Teaching eye health: a new series

DD Murray McGavin


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In this Issue (No. 33) of the Journal of Community Eye Health we begin a new series on an important subject.

Teaching Eye Health seeks to develop understanding of the principles and methods required in making teaching effective, thus meeting the learning needs of us all. The practised teacher may wish to review the series to personal advantage but also offer advice and views based on his or her own teaching and learning experience. The newer student of Community Eye Health should also feel free to give objective comments to the potential benefit of all our readers.

Dr John Hubley introduces Teaching Eye Health with an overview in this Issue. This, and subsequent Issues of the Journal, will include the following topics:

  • Teaching Eye Health: An Introduction
  • Communication and Effective Teaching
  • Teaching Methods
  • Developing a Course Curriculum
  • Student Assessment and Course Evaluation
  • Resources and Educational Materials
  • Health Education in the Community

We shall attempt to include a ‘practical slot’ or teaching aid appropriate to the ophthalmic theme of each publication.

A glossary of terms and definitions used in teaching will be provided with the next Issue and this should be kept available while studying future articles.