Comm Eye Health Vol. 27 No. 88 2014 pp 79. Published online 01 April 2015.

Picture quiz: Issue 88

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Picture quiz issue 88
Heiko Philippin

A 71 year old woman from East Africa presents with gradual loss of vision in both eyes. Her visual acuity is reduced to 6/60 (RE) and 6/24 (LE), intraocular pressure is 33/29 (RE/LE) and she has a relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD) on the right-hand side.


1. What are the diagnoses? Select all that apply.
2. Which other signs may be visible doing a slit lamp examination? Select all that apply.
3. Which are potential challenges when doing cataract surgery on the eye shown above? Select all that apply