Comm Eye Health Vol. 30 No. 97 2017 pp 18. Published online 12 May 2017.

Test yourself – Continuous professional development

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Female healthcare professional talking across a table to an elderly couple
Communication skills are an important component of CPD. INDIA © Arvaind

This page is designed to help you to test your own understanding of the concepts covered in this issue, and to reflect on what you have learnt.
We hope that you will also discuss the questions with your colleagues and other members of the eye care team, perhaps in a journal club. To complete the activities online – and get instant feedback – please visit

1. Continuing Professional Development: (Tick ALL that are FALSE)

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2. We should continue to learn: (Tick ALL that are TRUE)

Question 2 of 4

3. The following are relevant ways of maintaining CPD: (Tick ALL that are TRUE)

Question 3 of 4

4. Which of the following statements about CPD are FALSE?:

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