Comm Eye Health Vol. 27 No. 88 2014 pp 79. Published online 01 April 2015.

Test yourself: Working with communities

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Test your own understanding of the concepts covered and reflect on what you have learnt from issue 88 of the Community Eye Health Journal ‘Working with communities to improve their eye health.‘ We hope that you will also discuss the questions with your colleagues and other members of the eye care team, perhaps in a journal club.


Question 1. Despite setting up service provision/health interventions, there may be challenges that prevent uptake of eye health services. What are the most likely barriers for the community?
Question 2. When ‘marketing’ eye health services to a community, it is important NOT to...
Question 3. Monitoring is a continuous process of collecting information to ensure that activities are implemented. Which indicator below could be MOST valuable when monitoring activities to improve uptake of cataract services?

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