Comm Eye Health Vol. 29 No. 93 2016. Published online 01 July, 2016

Everyone matters

People living in rural areas or in poverty are often unable to access eye care, even when it is available free of charge. It is important to bring eye care closer to these communities, for example by offering visual acuity screening in the community. CAMEROON. Azahara Sánchez/IAPB

Inequalities in health can exist for various reasons, some of which are biological (e.g. a higher incidence of cataract in people over 60 years of age). If these inequalities are avoidable, however – e.g. if services were made more affordable – then they are better described as inequities, a word which captures the unfairness of the situation.

Equal provision of eye health does not create equity: it is important to ensure that eye care provision is proportional to need.

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Consulting editor for Issue 93: Sally Crook