News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 20 No. 64 2007. December 01, 2007

Million-dollar advocacy success for VISION 2020 Australia

The fierce competition between political parties during the run-up to the 2007 elections provided an opportunity for VISION 2020 Australia to secure more than AUS $100 million in funding for eye health and vision care.

VISION 2020 Australia had worked with its global partners to produce a comprehensive proposal to eliminate blindness and visual impairment in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region. In July 2007, this was presented to the minister and shadow (opposition) minister responsible for overseas aid.

On World Sight Day, 11 October, Shadow Minister for International Development Assistance Bob McMullan pledged AUS $45 million over two years to fund the proposal to prevent blindness and improve vision care in the region. Two weeks later, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer pledged funding of AUS $60 million over ten years to implement part of the proposal.

More information on VISION 2020 Australia’s advocacy work is available on the VISION 2020 Australia website:

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