News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 14 No. 37 2001. March 01, 2001

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This new teaching slides/text set, written by Professor Philippe Kestelyn, addresses the eye involvement in HIV infection and AIDS Ð introducing the clinical disease, modes of transmission and prevention of infection. Ocular complications discussed include minor opportunistic infections (e.g., molluscum contagiosum), tumours (e.g., Kaposi’s sarcoma) and retinal microvasculopathy (e.g., cytomegalovirus retinopathy). The differential diagnosis of CMV retinitis highlights retinitis due to toxoplasmosis and acute retinal necrosis (ARN) and PORN associated with herpes zoster.

Further slides and text consider HIV/AIDS and the eye in relation to syphilis, tuberculosis and neuroophthalmic disease. The study pack also contrasts HIV/AIDS in children and adults and reviews the risks of transmission between patients and from patient to eye care provider.

This set, which comprises a handbook (56pp) and 24 photographic and graphic slides, can be used in the classroom or for individual study. Funding has been provided by Misereor, Sight Savers International and Christian Blind Mission International


This slide set, the second volume in a planned series of four, is designed to equip the student with six ophthalmic skills:

  • Eyelid conrol during eye examination

  • Examining a baby or young child

  • Everting the upper eyelid

  • Removing a sub-tarsal foreign body

  • Epilation of eyelashes

  • Cutting of eyelashes

These skills build on the first six basic procedures and knowledge gained from Volume One. Volumes Three and Four will seek to increase further this knowledge and develop expertise in the ophthalmic clinical setting.

The procedures should be taught by an experienced teacher, offering supervised practice, with the slides and text used as a teaching aid.

This set, written by Ms Sue Stevens, comprises a 32pp handbook and 24 slides. Funding has been provided by Foundation Dark and Light, Sight Savers International, Christian Blind Mission International and the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation.

Slide sets available from: International Resource Centre, ICEH, Institute of Ophthalmology 11-43 Bath Street, London, EC1V9EL, UK; Fax: 44 20 7250 3207; E-mail: [email protected]

Price: UK£20.00/US$36 + P&P each
UK£15.00/US$27 + P&P each is the Developing Countries’ Special Rate

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