News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 13 No. 34 2000. June 01, 2000

Sight and Life Manual on Vitamin A Deficiency Disorders (VADD)

This invaluable 138 page manual on vitamin A deficiency disorders (VADD) has been compiled by two internationally recognised authorities in the field. The achievements and backgrounds of Dr McLaren and Dr Frigg are complementary, bringing the extensive practical and Sresearch knowledge of Dr McLaren together with Dr Frigg’s experience of programmes to combat VADD as Secretary of Task Force SIGHT AND LIFE (founded by Roche in 1986).

This is much more than an introduction to the subject of VADD although it is also described by the authors as a ‘companion to study’. The Manual is designed for those health and nutrition workers involved with real needs, particularly the protection and preservation of eyesight and child survival. While there is an appropriate strong emphasis on xerophthalmia, and its clinical features – there is also reference to the effects of vitamin A deficiency on growth, the immune response, haemopoiesis, and skin and reproductive systems.

After describing vitamin A in nature, in food sources, in health, and assessment of vitamin A status, the section on vitamin A deficiency affecting the eyes is followed by a discussion of morbidity and mortality. A review of the worldwide situation with 0elevant data and the epidemiology of VADD leads on to a chapter on treatment, prevention, dietary modification and disaster relief.

The Manual concludes with a section on further reading and a glossary.

The text is liberally interspersed with illustrations: tables, diagrams, graphs, maps and (black and white) photomicrographs and clinical pictures.

This Manual has immediately become a standard work, very important as a resource and reference text for all those concerned with vitamin A deficiency disorders.

A teaching slide pack to accompany the Manual is also available:

  • 57 colour transparencies

  • Illustrated handbook

For further information contact: Dr Martin Frigg, Task Force, SIGHT AND LIFE, PO Box 2116, 4002 Basel, Switzerland. Web site:

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