News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 10 No. 22 1997. June 01, 1997

The Thyroid Eye Disease Association (TED)

The TED Association aims to provide information, care and support to those affected by thyroid eye disease. It has produced a leaflet in layman’s terms, has support groups and telephone helplines throughout the UK, a Medical Helpline including eye and endocrine specialists, raises money for research studies, and produces quarterly newsletters, which include contributions from patients and doctors both in the UK and from abroad. The mailing list now includes specialists and some patients in 46 countries. Annual membership costs £5.00.

For further information, please contact: Mrs Sally Mitchell, TED Founder President, Lea House, 21 Troarn Way, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0PP, United Kingdom.

News and notices in Comm Eye Health Vol. 10 No. 22 1997 –