News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 12 No. 32 1999. December 01, 1999

Trachoma slides/text teaching series

An updated slides/text teaching set from the International Centre for Eye Health -includes 24 colour slides (53 photographs/illustrations) and a handbook/text of 42 pages.

Second Edition 1999


This teaching slide set uses photographs and other illustrations with an accompanying text to discuss:

  • risk factors for the transmission of Chlamydia Trachomatis.
  • clinical features of the eye disease, using the simplified WHO classification.
  • medical and surgical treatments.
  • preventive measures including recommendations for personal and community hygiene and sanitation.

Trachoma has been updated and this new edition emphasises the SAFE strategy for the control of trachoma.

S: surgical correction of trichiasis.

A: antibiotic treatment of trachoma.

F: facial cleanliness to prevent the spread of disease.

E: environmental changes to improve personal and community hygiene.

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Update 24 June 2013: This publication is available online.

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