News and notices. July 15, 2014

Training workshop on universal health coverage: Africa

This workshop, offered by the African Health Economics and Policy Association, is for young researchers and policy makers in Anglophone Africa. It seeks to build and improve the capacity of health policy and financing professionals and researchers in key areas related to universal health coverage (UHC) in order to enable them to support their countries’ UHC programs more effectively.

Location: Nairobi Kenya
Dates: August 18-29 2014
Fees: $150

The course consists of four modules:

  1. Health financing policies and the UHC agenda
  2. Fundamentals of UHC
  3. Planning and implementing of UHC programmes
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of UHC programmes

The topics covered include, among others: health systems, health financing, evidence-based policy making, translating research evidence into policies, policy advocacy and reforms, resource planning and mobilisation: innovative strategies for raising revenues and modelling and budgeting.

For more information and enrolment forms, please visit the African Health Economics and Policy Association website.