News and notices. October 17, 2014

Upcoming short course in Cape Town: Epidemiology and evidence behind VISION 2020 priorities in Africa

Planning and implementing programmes to reduce visual impairment in populations is what VISION 2020 is all about — but anyone who’s involved knows that we don’t have all the answers. In the last decade, the application of scientific principles has helped expand our knowledge base and provided lots of new evidence that can help us make good decisions in Africa. If you haven’t been doing a PhD or keeping up with the huge number of new scientific journals you can be forgiven for missing some of this!

Between 1st- 5th December 2014, The University of Cape Town and the Kilimajaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology will offering a new course by some leading academics who also work in the “real world” in Africa to help participants catch up on what we now know about the leading causes of visual impairment. The goal of the course is to bring participants up to date on the evidence and improve understanding of how it can be used in planning programmes to reduce visual impairment across Africa.

More information and how to apply (PDF 440Kb)