News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 18 No. 54 2005. June 01, 2005

Useful resources

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight. Developing an action plan CD-ROM. Version 2. A detailed guide to the advocacy, design, planning, implementation and monitoring of VISION 2020 action plans with more than 250 supporting documents on all aspects of blindness. A vital resource for national governments, professional organisations, NGDOs, eye care managers and other implementers of eye care programmes. No longer available.

VISION 2020. Standard List of Medicines, Equipment, Instruments, Optical Supplies and Educational Resources for Primary and Secondary Level Eye Care Services. 2004/5. Available from

Monitoring Cataract Surgical Outcomes CD-ROM Contains different packages to monitor the visual outcome of cataract surgery as well as instruction guides and supporting documents. Author: Hans Limburg. Available free of charge from the International Centre for Eye Health

District Health Care 1996. Intended for those involved in the planning, administration and evaluation of health services at district level. Published by Macmillan. Authors: R Amonoo-Lartson, G Ebrahim, H Lovel &
J Ranken. Available from TALC. Price £6.90

Strengthening District Health Systems Editorial by Marcel Tanner. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Volume 83, Number 6, June 2005.

V2020 district planning

  • VISION 2020
  • KCCO Tanzania
  • ICEH Programme of VISION 2020 Workshops and the Evaluation of VISION 2020 Workshop Programme 2002 – 2004
  • Aravind. An online collection of comprehensive resources for eye care programmes around the world. It shares valuable tools that help assess, plan, implement and manage high quality, efficient and sustainable eye care programmes.
  • South Africa Department of Health Fact Sheets / Guidelines. National guideline on prevention of blindness in South Africa – December 2002
  • Guidelines for District Health Planning and Reporting April 2003. Published by the South African Department of Health
  • Community Eye Health Journal Issues 20-53, articles relevant to V2020 priority diseases and intervention:
  • National Strategic Plan for Prevention of Blindness in Uganda Five year Plan

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