Comm Eye Health Vol. 25 No. 77 2012 pp 19. Published online 18 June 2012.

Picture quiz: non-optical measures to support children with low vision

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Throughout this issue of the journal, there are practical suggestions for supporting people with low vision by improving their environment. However, each person and each situation is different. Look at these pictures, read the questions, and try your best to come up with as many ideas as possible in the spaces provided.

Picture quiz

1. If there is no telescope, how can you ensure a child with low vision can access the information on the blackboard?

Diagnose this: picture quiz issue 82

2. How can you increase legibility and comfort for this student who is writing notes?

Picture Quiz Issue 77 Question 2 © Karin van Dijk

3. How can you ensure the child with low vision can read the textbook?

Picture quiz issue 77 question 3 © David de Wit.

4. What advice can you give to improve reading?

Picture Quiz no 77 Question 4 © Karin van Dijk

5. Find the child with albinism. Is this the best place for him? Please give advice.

Picture Quiz Issue 77 Question 5 © David de Wit