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Winner of the 2011 Community Eye Health Journal Photograph Competition: Four nurses reading the French edition of the journal. NIGER. © Andrew Potter.
Winner of the 2011 Community Eye Health Journal Photograph Competition: Four nurses reading the French edition of the journal. NIGER. © Andrew Potter.

The majority of articles in the Community Eye Health Journal (CEHJ) are written by invitation. However, we accept original submissions of 550 words (maximum) about readers’ experiences and insights. Write to: Anita Shah at [email protected].

The CEHJ does not charge for article processing or submission.

Remember to read the Author guidelines before you submit. Our editorial, copyright and permissions policies are below.

Editorial policy

All articles that are submitted to the Community Eye Health Journal (CEHJ), whether by invitation or as unsolicited articles, are subject to editorial and peer review. Our aim is to ensure that articles improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of people working to improve eye health worldwide. To achieve this, our editors and reviewers will work with you to ensure that your article is clear, accurate, relevant and informative, and that it meets the standards set by the Campaign for Plain English. Editorial changes will also be made to ensure consistency across articles in an issue and to avoid unnecessary repetition. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of this process, please write to [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve the issue. The CEHJ editorial team, and/or the authors, reserve the right to halt the publication of an article if an issue cannot be adequately resolved.

Copyright policy

The CEHJ is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence (CC BY-NC 4.0), which permits the sharing and adaptation of content for non-commercial purposes, provided appropriate credit is given. Learn more here. By submitting articles and images for publication in the CEHJ, you grant permission for us to publish your content under this same licence. In practice, this means that anyone can share and adapt materials in the CEHJ content for non-commercial purposes, provided they give appropriate credit. Note: If you wish us to publish an image that is copyrighted, please ensure that the copyright owner has given permission for this purpose. You must send proof us such permission to [email protected] within 1 week of submitting your article, otherwise we will not be able to consider the image for publication. Unless you tell us otherwise, all images submitted by authors will be included in our online photo library: Community Eye Health Flickr Photostream

Photo permissions policy

The CEHJ requires that photographers obtain informed consent from anyone who can be identified in an image submitted to us for publication. This includes images of the back of the eye. Photographers must tell patients what the purpose of the photograph is (e.g., to educate other doctors and health personnel) and where it will be published (in a printed magazine, on this website, and in PubMed/Medline). If the patient is a child, ask permission from their parent or legal guardian. If photographs are taken accordance with hospital or organisational consent guidelines, you do not need to take separate consent, but be aware that we may ask you to provide access to the relevant documentation on request. You are expected to ensure that the people you photograph understand what you are doing, and why, and that they do not feel under pressure to give their consent. When taking photographs of groups of people, let them know what you are doing and allow time for people to step out of the frame if they are not comfortable.

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Contact us to send us your eye care photos for publication in the journal and our Community Eye Health Flickr Photostream for other eye care professionals to use in their presentations, teaching and training. Don’t forget to get Patient Consent if necessary.