News and notices. June 23, 2021

Free online courses now available ‘On demand’

An African male student sitting at his desk, looking at the FutureLearn course on his computer monitor
Programme manager and outreach coordinator Mathew Mbwogge (Cameroon) uses ICEH’s Global Blindness course, which is available free of charge on FutureLearn, to update his knowledge. UK Romulo Fabunan/ ICEH

From now, onwards join the International Centre for Eye Health and partners FutureLearn on eye health related free online courses. The following FutureLearn courses are available On Demand, and can be accessed anytime. This means you can take the course at your own pace. Engage with other learners using the comments and discussion section.

  1. Global Blindness: Planning and Managing for Eye Care Services

    (with translations in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese) Understand global blindness and how to plan effective eye care with this online course for health professionals. Join now – click here

  2. La Cécité dans le Monde: Planifier et Gérer les Services de Soins Oculaires

    Informez-vous sur la cécité dans le monde et apprenez à organiser des soins oculaires efficaces grâce à ce cours en ligne. Cliquez pour joindre maintenant

  3. Diabetic Eye Disease: Building Capacity To Prevent Blindness

    Understand the diabetes challenge and how health professionals can work with people with diabetes to prevent blindness. Join now – click here

  4. Eliminating Trachoma

    Discover how communities and experts are joining together to end trachoma disease across 44 endemic countries. Join now – click here