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Advocacy for Eye Health. A Practical Guide

Advocacy for Eye Health. A Practical Guide

“Advocacy for Eye Health. A Practical Guide” is a reference for planners and managers when developing advocacy strategies. It will also help support all eye care workers who want to engage more effectively to bring about the changes that they want.

The guide is in two parts, the first part sets out a systematic process – the Advocacy and Campaigning Cycle – and describes each of the steps involved in planning an effective advocacy campaign. The second part – the Toolkit – provides detailed instructions on using some of the tools described in the Advocacy and Campaigning Cycle.

Publisher: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

Published: 2013.

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Part 1: The Advocacy & Campaigning Cycle PDF (6.3Mb)

Part 2: The Toolkit PDF (7.5Mb)