Comm Eye Health Vol. 31 No.104 2019 pp 96. Published online 11 February 2019.

Key community eye health messages

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Initial consultation

Female ophthalmologist examining the right eye of a male patient
© Mariano Yee Melgar
  • Identify patients in whom cataract surgery will be complicated or difficult: this avoids unwelcome surprises in the operating theatre
  • Manage patient’s expectations. Explain what to expect after surgery (in terms of the visual outcome and the potential need for further treatment) and obtain informed consent.

Be prepared

Surgeon discussing operation with 3 ophthalmic nurses outside an operating theatre
© Rachel Palmer /Sightsavers
  • Anticipate potential difficulties
  • Check that all equipment, instruments and consumables are sterilised and available
  • Brief the surgical team thoroughly

After surgery

Ophthalmic nurse explaining post-operative medication to the relative of a cataract patient
© M. Rajkumar
  • Ensure that inflammation is under control
  • Explain to patients how important it is that they take their postoperative medication and come back for follow-up visits