Comm Eye Health Vol. 31 No.104 2019. Published online 10 February, 2019

Cataract surgery in patients with complex conditions

Surgeon discussing operation with 3 ophthalmic nurses outside an operating theatre
Nurses being briefed before a cataract operation. MALAWI © Rachel Palmer /Sightsavers

Cataract is still the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The majority of cataracts are relatively straightforward to remove, but there is a substantial group of patients in whom cataract surgery will be more challenging. Whether this is due to factors related to the patient, such as diabetes or a systemic inflammatory condition; or factors related to the eye itself, such as corneal endothelial dystrophy, glaucoma or a small pupil; preparation of the surgeon, the equipment and the eye team will ensure that patients receive the best possible visual outcomes.

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