News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 25 No. 77 2012. September 18, 2012

Useful resources for low vision

Low vision devices

Hong Kong Society for the Blind

For visual assessment charts, refraction equipment, training materials, and low vision devices. Visit

ICEE Global Resource Centre

For low-cost spectacles, frames, lenses, and low vision devices. Prices for low vision aids start from US $2.50. Contact Vivasan Pillay at [email protected] or +27 312023811.

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Community Eye Health Journal back issues

These back issues are available online ( – click on ‘Past issues’) and on the Community Eye Health Update CD which was sent out with Issue 76: Instruments and Consumables. Please let us know if you have not yet received a copy. New subscribers: an updated CD will be sent to you in 2013.

Vol. 20 No. 62, 2007. The visually impaired child

Vol. 17 No. 49, 2004. Low vision care: the need to maximise visual potential

Vol. 16 No. 45, 2003. Helping the blind and visually impaired

For information on testing near vision: Rènée du Toit. How to prescribe spectacles for presbyopia. Community Eye Health J 2006;19(57): 12-13.

Online resources for low vision – article on assistive technology by someone with low vision. PDF (1.6MB) – a guided learning resource for eye care workers who want to learn more about working with patients with low vision. Available in English, Chinese, and French. – a collection of articles, mainly aimed at ophthalmologists. – practical guides (PDF format) for patients and their carers, with a focus on macular degeneration. Look in “Fact Sheets & Publications”. – advice on living with vision loss. – for people with low vision who are in education. – practical guidance on performing a low vision assessment, aimed at trained low vision practitioners.

Low vision courses

Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology, Tanzania

For information, contact Genes Mng’anya, KCCO, Good Samaritan Foundation, PO Box 2254 Moshi, Tanzania. Tel: +255 27 275 3547. Email: [email protected] or visit

October 17–26: Training in clinical low vision care. Basic and advanced clinical low vision care. Aimed at optometrists.

October 29–30: Population-based approach to establishing a low vision service

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