Comm Eye Health Vol. 30 No. 98 2017. Published online 07 August, 2017

School eye health

Girl wearing spectacles, writing numbers on a blackboard with chalk, during a lesson.
Good vision at school is essential for learning. INDIA © Bharath Balasubramanian/IAPB Stronger Together

School eye health programmes have the potential to change the lives of school children and their teachers by detecting eye conditions and ensuring access to quality eye care. Health education delivered at schools also has the potential to reduce eye disease and visual impairment in the future. Comprehensive programmes should be undertaken in collaboration with ministries of health and ministries of education, and need to be monitored and evaluated to ensure they are a good use of resources and bring about positive change. Guidelines have recently been produced to help plan, implement, monitor and evaluate school eye health programmes.

Consulting editors for Issue 98: Elmien Wolvaardt & Nick Astbury

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