Comm Eye Health Vol. 36 No. 120 2023. Published online 01 December, 2023

Learning surgical skills for eye care

A female and a male surgical skills students workign at operating microscopes
Practicing making a scleral tunnel, using an apple in a digital dry lab. SOUTH AFRICA © Will Dean CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Surgery plays a vital role in global eye care by addressing a wide range of eye conditions, from cataract to more complex eye diseases and injuries. The aim of this issue is to support the training and development of eye surgeons and surgical teams, by sharing proven ways to learn, practice, and teach surgical and technical skills, including the use of competency assessment rubrics and simulation training. We also provide tips and guidance for scrub nurses/technicians. By practising together, in a simulated surgical set-up, teams can develop the communication and manual skills needed to improve surgical outcomes and protect patients.

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