News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 12 No. 32 1999. December 01, 1999

Eye care in developing nations

Published by : Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, USA

ISBN:1 – 56055 – 043 – 0

This third edition of Eye Care in Developing Nations has been eagerly awaited and updates the earlier edition’s excellent coverage of eye disease and its management in the less-resourced parts of the world. Written for eye health professionals seeking to serve in developing countries, it is equally suitable for national health care workers, whose first language may not be English, because of its clear and concise delivery.

Dr Schwab responds to the need for affordable, acheivable and appropriate approaches to address the challenge of VISION 2020 – the elimination of avoidable blindness. All the major blinding eye diseases are covered together with relevant guidelines to support clinical practice.

For the reader who works in areas lacking easy access to information and materials, the appendices on resource organizations and selected reading will be especially welcomed.

The book has 270 pages and is copiously illustrated with excellent black and white photographs. Thought-provoking, applicable and memorable quotes are added as a preface to each chapter and can only add to this excellent learning resource. The need for compassionate delivery of care to the poorest peoples in the world is addressed in a natural way and makes this publication exceptional for its target readership.

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